How to Make Archway Tower Disappear

Ruth Ewan

An artist’s book and temporary viewer.

'I’m not someone who has a particular interest in buildings. I do however like the way people view or remember particular places, unlikely places, sites which amass invisible clusters of meanings. Archway Tower is one of those places. Stories, histories, songs, superstitions, rituals and beliefs, from aesthetic admiration to societal rage, cling to its impenetrable exterior, transferring around the mouths and minds of Archway and beyond.' Ruth Ewan, 2012

Ruth was a Cocheme Fellow at Byam Shaw School of Art, Central Saint Martins in 2007/8. This work was an Alight commission in partnership with Islington Council and supported by Mayor's Outer London Fund.

Artist: Ruth Ewan
Research: Mathilda Fowler
Subracted reality software: Inition
Viewer: HD Consulting
Graphic design: Sam Blunden
Commissioning Partners: London Borough of Islington and AIR

Thank you to all the interviewees: Fang, Asier Mendizabal, Mark Piggot, Alister Warman, Ruth Underwood, Justin Sullivan, Joolz Denby, Jeremy Corbyn, James Dunnett, Maggie Smyth, Girdlestone Third Age Group, Andrew Allsop, Darren Hills, Stephanie Smith, Xavier Llarch Font and those who wish to remain anonymous. Thank you also to Paul Graham, Bede Geoghegan Hart, Dave Sinclair, Conall McAteer, Ian Saville, Kate Trouw, Pete Brooks, Archway Methodist Church, St John the Evangelist, Islington Local History Centre, Islington Archaeology and History Society, Anthony Reynolds Gallery, Kew Library, London Transport Museum, Transport for London and Archway Town Centre Management Group.