Null Structures

Tilly Fowler

'Null Structures are a series of sculptures blocking dirty or 'undesirable' spaces in and around the Archway Mall. When installed, the sculptures fulfil an authoritarian or prohibitive purpose, having been designed to stop or prevent the 'deviant' behaviour associated with the space.' Tilly Fowler, 2008

Tilly graduated with BA Fine Art from Byam Shaw School of Art in 2008.

Null Structure no.1 A poured concrete sculpture fitting a corner, frequently used as a toilet, outside the Archway Library.
Null Structure no.2 A glass shelf filling a space where pigeons roost above the sign for an empty fast food restaurant, H´s Hamburger House.
Null Structure no.3 (permanent installation) A steel clad structure installed in an under-stairs void, full of bits of bicycle, disintegrating clothes, beer cans and unidentifiable objects, all covered in a thick crust of dirt, in a car park under Hill House.