The Man Who Fell to Archway

Aaron Williamson

1972 David Bowie Drive-In Saturday
(inspired by his sighting of aliens from night train near Phoenix)
2006 UFO's spotted and filmed in Archway
(Ministry of Defence claim they are stray lanterns)
2010 Aaron Williamson's The Man Who Fell to Archway
(Earth's first silent pop video)

Dancers: Laura Adamson, Maria Bird, Nicole Cataldo, Leena Chauhan, Abby Clark, Oliver Cronk, Anna Hart, Angel McMahon, Hattie Murray, Janea Okuefuna, Andy Porritt, Kate Rubens, Eliza Self, Jack Thurland, Tomofumi Yamasaki; Make-up: Sidonie Roberts, Meg Tait; Camera: Chloe Edwards.

Aaron was a Cocheme Fellow at Byam Shaw School of Art, Central Saint Martins in 2009-10.