Escape into Archway

Diana Smith

'The horse was glossy black and gargantuan. Two girls still drunk from the night before, their faces streaked with mascara, threw their arms around the his neck and hugged him. A man in sandals stroked his muzzle while we waited outside Iceland. He called him gorgeous and lingered until I said it was for an art film, to which he replied by wrinkling his nose. Everyone stared, whistled, or reached out to pet the horse's enormous head. Traffic crept past us, drivers grinning and craning their necks, some rolling down their windows and calling out joyfully.' Diana Smith, 2009

Escape into Archway was projected onto a white horse in front of Archway Library. The work was supported by Arts Council England. Diana Smith graduated with BA Fine Art from Byam Shaw School of Art in 2008.