Light Years Away

Hilary Powell

'Light Years Away was created after a winter of skating and laughter under the brutalist Archway Tower. Thousands of animated photographs capture movement as light lines, people as ghosts, and a futuristic vision of the site tinged with a gritty, ephemeral beauty.' Hilary Powell, 2009

Light Years Away was projected back into the space of its making onto a perfect pre-existing 16:9 urban cinema screen (the end white wall of Hill House) completed by a roller disco below with mobile sound systems and free skate hire based in the local cheque exchange.

Hilary was commissioned in 2007 for Alight in partnership with Islington Council with funding from Transport for London.

Director of Photography: Dan Edelstyn
Camera: Hilary Powell, Dan Edelstyn, Clare Hill, Rebecca Hill, Sylvie Borel
Editing: Optimistic Productions
Music: Nick Graham Smith
Project assistants: Sophie Beeb and Helen Rance
Skate hire: Tony Askew, Renaissance Rooms
Event sound: Bassfreight and Bycology
Projection: SDNA

Thank you to Abdullah, Islington Street Wardens, Steve at Western Union, Councillor Greg Foxsmith, Councillor Ursula Woolley, Councilllor Julia Williams, Wico Duplooy, Alison Els, Marcus Holloway, London Roller Girls, Rowan Meacock, Olly Cronk, Nicole, Cristina Jiminez Rodgriguez, Jon Rees, Gregory Cowan and Friday Night Skate
Skaters: Larry Achiampong, Clara Ajo, Lucia Alvarez, Victoria Andrews, Zoe Archer, Felicity Bailey, Hannah Ballou, Uli Beisel, Sal Bolton, Sylvie Borel, Sophie Bray, Leah Brooker, Melissa Brown, Helen Burrough, Erica Campayne, Olly Catchpole, Virginie Clarke, Kristen Clatworthy, Felicity Clausen-Sternwald, Sam Cockcroft, Kenny Coffey, Gregory Cowan, Helen Cowley, Kelly Craig, Maria DePaula-Vazquez, Don, Delisa Garcia, Tao Geoghegan Hart, Catherine Gimaldi, Lucia Guestas, Andrea Dorelin, Jennifer Essex, Le-Anna Flynn, Niamh Hackett, Sinister Mary Clarence, Shona Handley, Darren Harvey-Regan, Auntie Terror, Hellen, Simon Hodgeson, Emelia Holdaway, Ailsa Ilott, Aaron Jacob, Mo Jen, Asha Jennings-Grant, Stephen Jewkes, Nyssa Johnson, Angela Kanu, David Kendall, Helena Laczko, Natalya Jane Lashgari, Angela Last, Dan Lavendar, Deborah Lawson, Rebecca Locke, Loz, Fiona Macrae, Nisha Matthew, Kevin Matthews, Maxine Michaelides, Clare Michaeilides, Jackie Monk, Rebecca Morris, Alexander Müller, Nathalie, Jasmine Ndegwa, Oluseyi Nedd, Anna Ninivin, Miriam North, Ruth Noemi, Nunes Matos, Terhi Nurmikko, Zahara O’ Brien, Fiona Ormiston, Zoe Pepper, Jo Pierides, Frances du Pille, Rob Punter, Malcolm Ravenor, Zefara Ravenor, Shelley Revill, Paul Richards,z Catherine Russell, Rebecca Ryan, Nikki Shaill, Helen Simmons, Sarah Simpson, Felicia Sinclair, Jenna Soame, Jess Sweetman, Frankie Walker, Sally Wayte and Simone Wells