Trip the light Fantastic

Jane Watt

'A tented haze of iridescent rose materialises, a luminescent pink that seems to reflect and highlight the objects, forms and movement caught in its diffusion, in beautiful caresses. Not brutal orange or lit by the glare of awkward flashbulbs, but a light that is unbearable in its magical transformative glow, a fantastic trap that wraps its mist over, above and around the objects drawn into its arc.' Charlie Fox, 2010

Jane was commissioned in 2009 for Alight in partnership with Islington Council, and with funding from Arts Council England and Transport for London.

'Everything now seems that bit different, arranged anew, unleashing a set of mini or micro-encounters where the lie of the land seems imperceptibly altered while being utterly transformed. In seeking out an unannounced, found audience; uninhibited, given the license to join in the spectacle, spect-actors, tapping feet, wondering at the sheer madness of it all, the winter nights unshackled by a play of light, dancing feet and laughter. Enjoinment and entertainment, enjoyment and dissonance, the permissions of misrule; in the breathless laughter of feeling suddenly free, in a place that seemed so ordinary, even non-descript, their trip switch to freedom.' Charlie Fox 2010

'What appears in the everyday circulation of the street workers, shoppers and travellers is a new light, a space for actions, and events that ordinarily do not appear, in a place that appears at first only to be a transit hub. Unexpectedly confronted by images of playful intensity, concentrated in pink light, the weary passers-by are transformed, enraptured by their own imagined dance, they turn, twist, leap and glide. A new lightness haunts the air with the potential of the unintentional. It has got under their skins, freeing them to create new temporary yet fantastical spaces, within this (infra)ordinary place.' Charlie Fox 2010

Thank you

for dancing to Jane's camera 211 people who live, work and study in Archway,
for your dance expertise Andrew Barrett, Give Into Dance, Islington Arts Factory, Jacksons Lane, Jive After 5, London Butoh Asylum, Movement Angol Dance Company, North London Burns Club, Planet Egypt, Romero de Mangueira, Steve Wagland, The Factory Fitness & Dance Centre, Park Community Association,
and for your windows Absolute Print, Action for Employment, Actionaid, Archway Library, Archway Methodist Church, Beautiful Beauty Salon, Byam Shaw School of Art, City and Islington College, Harman Restaurant, Jai Kudo, Junction Restaurant Café, Lazari Investments Limited, London Meridian College, London Underground, Office of the Public Guardian, Mother Red Cap, Questionmark Computing Limited, Thomas Brothers, Tubelines, Wilson Barca Solicitors.