Welcome to Meeksville

Nicola Shilcock

'Welcome to Meeksville was an event held on October 4th 2012 in METRO, Holloway Road, organised in collaboration with the Joe Meek Society. The event was to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Telstar, a record recorded by the Tornadoes and written/produced by legendary local record produced Joe Meek, reaching number 1 in the UK charts. Elusive as he was notorious, Joe Meek and the stories that surround his time at 304 Holloway Road form a fascinating and colourful chapter in the history of the area as well as part of the musical heritage of Britain.' Nicola Shilcock, 2013

Welcome to Meeksville was realised with support from Arts Council England.
Nicola Shilcock graduated from Byam Shaw School of Art and now works at Central Saint Martins.