Retell Rewrite Reclaim

Magda Fabianczyk

For Cally Calls Magda collaborated with Lacey-Jay Barham who describes herself as a ‘creative, free-minded, and life-experienced young lady’. Their video works explore the enduring process of dealing with the nightmares of the past and the relationship between physical transformation of places and transformation within ourselves. Leaving a place becomes an opportunity for new territories (in Lacey’s case the River Thames) as a source of comfort and inspiration, but also the opportunity to choose to return to somewhere that is familiar and safe (the Cally).

Directed by Magda Fabianczyk & Lacey-Jay Barham, cinematography by Magda Fabianczyk, performed by Lacey-Jay Barham and Mateusz Czekaj. Magda was commissioned as part of Cally Calls a partnership project with Team Cally in 2013 supported by CreativeWorks.