5 Caledonian Road, N1

Ruth Ewan

Ruth was paired with postman and local boxing club co-founder Dave Ryan for Cally Calls. Over the course of the exhibition a series of packages will be delivered to the gallery. Their contents piece together a fragmented history of a building at the start of Dave's postal route, 5 Caledonian Road, an address from which postwar British pacifism and radicalism have persisted and thrived whilst the might of developers and multinationals have been resisted.

Ruth was commissioned as part of Cally Calls a partnership project with Team Cally in 2013 supported by CreativeWorks.

Exhibition items:
Melted clock from the Freedom Press bookshop
McDonalds baby bib (1986)
Various peace badges
Publications: Pat Arrowsmith I Should Have Been a Hornby Train,Heretic Books (1995), Charlotte M. Wilson Anarchist Essays edited by Nicolas Walter, Freedom Press (2000), Geoffrey Ostergard The Tradition of Workers’ Control, Freedom Press (1997), Peace News ‘Pull Yourself Together’, No. 1969 (1974), Peace News ‘Facing the Racist Threat’, No. 2026 (1976), Campaign Against the Arms Trade Supporters’ Newsletter No.1 (1974)
Assorted web pages from websites of ForcesWatch, The Campaign Against Climate Change, War Resisters International, Housmans Radical Booksellers, War Resisters International and Peace News
Audio: Interview with Arthur Beale split over six cds.