The Star and the Glow-worm

Leo Chadburn & Frances Scott

At 04.23am (civil twilight) on Monday 18th May five singers began a dawn chorus in Granary Square that lasted through the early ‘magic hour’ until sunrise at 05.05am. Each of the nine stanzas of William Wordsworth’s The Pilgrim's Dream/The Star and the Glow-worm (1818), was sung from a different place in the square. In the poem a pilgrim, sleeping beneath a tree, falls into a ‘soft and slumbrous dream’ where a star in the night-sky and a glow-worm in the nook of the tree converse. Delivery men and security staff paused to listen. Canada geese flew over in pairs. Others walking across the square, looked over without changing their purposeful direction. Cleaners could be seen starting their shifts through the CSM windows above.

Leo and Frances were commissioned in 2015 as part of Unannounced Acts of Publicness with support from Argent.