A Ship (to sail away)

Dmitri Galitzine

Dmitri built a ship at Galleon’s Point. A vast and magnificent vessel made from found timber and plastic bottles. And then he was gone, flying over the wall, and away down the river.

You really are building a ship? I thought it was just some art thing…

Hundreds came to play. They watched from their windows or brought me their old bottles or pallets or shelves. People who live there and people from far away, from Belgium and even Hong Kong, a school group who learnt how to tie knots, walking groups, people who believed and played, and people who doubted that my ship would float. Dmitri Galitzine, 2016

Dmitri was commissioned as part of Tidal Twirlings in summer 2016, supported by London Borough of Newham and Arts Council England.

Remembering a reverie - Dmitri Galitzine’s A Ship (to sail away)